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I include here some of the feedback I have received over the last few years. I like to think I have played a part in their progress but, in fact, all actual change is made by my clients themselves. I continue to feel great respect for the way in which they have so often progressed to a happier place.



“I feel that without the help from West, that my partnership would not have survived. West has helped me find out more about myself and also to find out more about my partner.”

“I was very skeptical when first coming to counselling as I thought our relationship was unfixable. Once we started pulling apart things that needed change our relationship really has improved. I’m so much happier and confident about my future with my husband. West was kind and helpful. Really put me at ease when talking about sensitive and difficult issues. He is a fantastic counsellor that I would recommend to anyone.”

“The fact that we had such a good male counsellor helped I think, i.e. husband took it more seriously and counsellor was able to challenge him (as well as me) very effectively. Thank you! Our relationship has been saved and I love my husband again!”


“Our counsellor was very approachable, non-judgemental and empathic. He helped us communicate and learn. Our experience has been very positive and after thirty two years of marriage we have learnt a great deal about what drives each of us and where permission to be happy lies!”

Single clients


“I was struggling to maintain a relationship and kept having the same cycle of bad relationships. Coming to West has helped me recognise the issues I had and why I struggled keeping a relationship. It has given me the power back and I would highly recommend couples or single people who are struggling.”


“It has helped me to look at things differently. I understand that people have different ways of looking at things and that it is not a negative. I have learnt to look at situations more positively. I have become more aware that things are not what they always seem and sometimes it is yourself that you need to look at and change. I have learnt skills of how to make situations better rather than worse.”


“I was in a very dark place mentally and physically. Through the help of West I have re-found my confidence, my outlook on life is bright. I feel healthier, have a happier home life and relationship.”


“Reassuring and positive. Structured and supportive at all times. The opportunity to bring our daughter to a session to benefit from family counselling was very helpful.”


“I found that our counselling sessions have given us a strong foundation to build better communication within our family.”


“It has helped myself and my daughter communicate better and understand each other.”


“West has helped me to come to a good and stable position to progress in my separation.” 


“At my stage ‘moving on’ post relationship, very important to be reassured about the post relationship feelings being ‘normal’ and to be given tools to manage anger, bitterness and other hurdles. Very useful sessions adapted to my needs.”


“West really helped me in my recovery from depression following my marriage breakdown. I now feel more equipped to manage the depression on my own.”

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